i'm spending all of this morning {aaaand probably most of the afternoon} at a career fair. it's probably going to be hell on earth, but i have a feeling that something good will come from it {mostly because my magic 8 ball says so}.

in related news read this nyt article about how unpaid internships are unlawful!

{image from a 1969
art workers' coalition protest
via fffound}


pink glass swan.

prada dress and shoes.

{shot by roger rich
via contributing editor}



i haven't been doing very much interneting lately, but i came across these two images a week or so ago and i can't stop thinking about them.

{louie armstrong and his wife
via ugly earring
weegee photograph
via royal quiet deluxe}


shopping list.

6 yards of paper-backed silk, 2 yards of nebula printed canvas, a 1/4 pound of natural white horse hair, 15 feet of glow in the dark rope, and 12 uranium glass buttons.