portraits of past.

if you are in or around philadelphia you should go see this show at space 1026. it features two mega amazing photographers; shawn brackbill and maggie manzer, the latter who is the genius behind progressive sharing and might be my brain twin. if you get to go, i'll be jealous!


spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished.

i'm currently taking a conceptual garment class and this piece by nadine byrne is ruling my mind right now.

ALL ABOARD, for the now voyager giveaway!

oh, hey, do you looooooooooooove this shirt?

it's so bright and airy! perfect for yachting in the french riviera, if you're ever up to that kind of thing. well, i've teamed up with chick downtown to give away this totally cute shirt that will help you channel your inner godard goddess! if you want it to be yours, just leave a nice comment here sometime during the next week and next friday {8/7/09} i'll use to choose a winner! i'm so excited! exclamation point! not only does chick downtown carry great summer stuff, they also have the bb dakota twilight jacket {hehe} and these loeffler randall black riding boots that i'm dyyyyyying over.


keep on!

ahhhh i want one!!! it combines my favorite things: googly eyes, wiggle dancing and amorphous blobs. i giggled the entire time i watched this.

{found via slate}



Gratuitous Tiny Bunny In A Teacup Tuesday.

let's get giddy.

hey friends, stay tuned this week because i'm having another give-away! it'll make you happier than a fancy new hairdo!


you were in my dream last night.

i've posted about ray fenwick's work before and i have no qualms about doing it again. i love the conversational nature of his illustrations. makes me want to say "who me? yeah? hi! ok!?"