i know you said i couldn't go...

i wish that there was a more generic version of this show poster by the {always amazing} dan mccarthy. i never snuck out when i was young, but i would've to see sonic youth!




{via my old
polaroid camera
that sometimes
only sees fog.}

love & death.

"I think if it's not magical, it's not going to happen, because all the other solutions I see around me - religious solutions, scientific solutions, intellectual solutions- you know, everything is too little too late and not good enough." - woody allen

hey guys! sorry for being an absent blogger this week. i've been buckling down with school stuff in order to prepare for my graduate review on friday. i'm in the beginning stages of working on my thesis project, the premise of which is pretty well summed up by my man woody.

{much thanks to
secret fragile skies
for posting the quote!}