like a fish.

in the last 2 days i've had my first, second and third swims of the summer. love it.

2am edit: +fourth swim


its own natural form.

hey, remember the collages that i've been making? well i made it into a book! that you can buy!

here's a little preview:

flower nest.

a tiny nest made by a recently discovered and rare type of bee. built by plastering together petals from the flower onobrychis viciifolia. each nest usually houses a single egg and is a half inch long.

{via npr}


louise bourgeois.

'art is a guarantee of sanity. that is the most important thing i have said.'


have i mentioned before that all of my friends are geniuses?

mike fleming and alicia eggert are debuting their Eternity piece (along with other work related to time) for one night only - next friday in philadelphia at progressive sharing. the exhibition will last exactly 300 minutes. Eternity, which is written with the hands of 30 clocks, will last only one split second. i can't be there, but you should go see it fall into place at exactly 8PM!



congratulations to the mysterious gina for winning the alexander wang shopbop giveaway! her mention of channeling her inner goth-in-hot-weather with the long sleeve boatneck dress was a major lol and spoke right to my heart as my mini cami dress has been getting me through many a sweaty savannah evening. so gina, please stop hunting for rare bauhaus vinyl on ebay and email me!

{*wang in hot weather}