kent rogowski makes montages from puzzles with landscape scenes. flowers and skies were taken out of over 40 puzzles and combined to form a series of spectacular landscapes. although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand. there WERE prints for sale at 20x200 but, alas, they have all sold out. just makes me want to hit up the thrift stores and try it out for myself!

{found via heading east}


i wish that amy winehouse wasn't such a nutbar, because i'd sincerely like to see the beehive come back. maybe before i chop all of my hair off {tentative date 06/21} i'll give it a shot. in the privacy of my own bedroom, of course.

the ronettes did it best!

oh johnny.

when i was little heartsease {also known as johnny jump ups} was my favorite flower. according to oberon in shakespeare's midsummer night's dream, putting the flower on someone's sleeping eyelids "will make man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees."


ms paint party!!!

so, some of you might have noticed that i also have another blog for my weird computer drawings. for about a year i've been i've been taking requests and drawing weird mspaint/photoshop pictures for friends and strangers. i do my best to illustrate whatever i'm asked for, no matter how odd. here is a relatively tame one for the ramones on the beach.

if you want to have your very own drawing done, please let me know! depending on volume/complexity i can usually get it done within a few days. i'm also asking for $2 donations to my paypal account at check it out!!!

obsessive compulsion.

i too love compressed air. and the daily drawings and stories at over at obsessive compulsion.


shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames.

or, check your bank balance and you'll miss out on this so perfect log lady print from sea spray blue.

i literally shut my eyes and refreshed the page and it was gone! i've already emailed the seller about their availability, because as an avid twin peaks fan i need this for my new place. lucky for you non-nerds out there that they've also got other cute prints as well!

update! she listed a few more! good thing i got one this time. whew.


this INSANE pop-up book is from french designer marion bataille. it doesn't come out until oct 2008, but it can be pre-ordered at amazon for an INSANE $13.57.


goin' blind.

all through high school i really wanted to wear glasses and then in college when i was supposed to wear glasses - i did not. i own three different pairs of frames - the standard 'free with eye exam' black rectangles, gray/gold vintage cateyes and a pair of vintage black wire rims with gold details. the first pair is too boring and the other two are a little flashy. i think maybe if i had some classic frames i'd wear them more often {and stop getting so many headaches!} i really like these oliver peoples from ebay and the miltzen frame from moscot.


it's so nice outside today, but of course i'm stuck here in this cold office staring out the window into other cold offices. i wish that this room was more like james turrell's meeting installation at ps1. you enter a square room and feel the stuffy air of the museum dissapear as you look up and realize there's no ceiling. artificial lights produce an orange glow on the white walls of the room, which intensify the sky’s color. there's four benches inside and as soon as you enter everyone begins to speak in hushed tones. it's a really calm space to sit and really look at the sky. the best is when everyone gasps as a bird flies by. yes, i'd much prefer that to humming fluorescents and gray concrete ceilings.

go fly a kite.

this weekend the weather was beautiful so cris and i had a pb&j picnic in fairmount park. it was pretty windy so i brought along my $6 rainbow pegacorn kite {nicknamed barbara} and now kite flying is our new favorite thing. we are going to form the kite flying enthusiasts club of philadelphia! and i'm trying to talk cris into getting this ridiculous shark kite.

{image from webgirlpip}