gimme a break.

here are a bunch of images that make me smile. have a great weekend!!!


{all pictures are know...the internet}


dark night.

i need a break.

small & tiny.

we got to use the laser-cutter at school. i'm going to have to dream up some projects to utilize it because it's so awesome.



great print/great dress/great shoes. from opening ceremony.

{seen at jeana sohn}

weaving 101.

here is a section of a weaving sample that i'm working on. the pattern is called honeysuckle twill and the weft is cotton roving and wool. i wasn't sure if i was going to, but i really like weaving!


here is always somewhere else.

i am a great admirer of bas jan ader and yesterday while i was avoiding writing a paper by looking around on youtube i found the trailer to a documentry about him called here is always somewhere else. i was so excited that i immediately bought it even though i really really shouldn't be spending money right now. it's a two dvd set that includes the not only documentary, but also a collector’s disc with his films - and for under $25 {including shipping!} i couldn't not get it.