lil bub log.



roaring winter dusks///holy shit winter sucks.

whoever invented christmas and put it in winter was a genius, because making it through all of this dreary freezing weather is R-O-U-G-H without the joy and excitement of ye olde yuletide.


your long lost pal.

mid-week, mid-day pick-me-up.


dream city.

I dream'd in a dream, I saw a city invincible to the the attacks of the whole of the rest of the earth;
I dream'd that was the new City of Friends;
Nothing was greater there than the quality of robust love - it led the rest;
It was seen every hour in the actions of the men of that city,
And in all their looks and words.




so super obsessed with this song by these two ladies.


cathy's world.

my mom looking at 'christina's world'. maybe my favorite picture that i've taken all year.


faux fawn.

after running across these images during a search for work, i'm obsessed with 'bambi' print fur and i'm going to spend the night searching all the lolita sites to see if i can find myself a faux fawn fur coat.


permanently, positively, punished.

excited for a halloween party tomorrow. i'm all set to be penny pingleton with a homemade 'P' shirt (so that the whole world knows...), red jawbreaker and, of course, hairspray! my bf is going to be john waters as dr. fredrickson the hypnotist!


she strawberried.

she strawberried. she always did. strawberry red as merry straw-berry-go-round.



interwoven globe.

last week i went to go see the textile show at the met and it was AMAZING. it made me think a lot about tradition and time and intention and handwork and social status and appropriation. i highly, highly recommend going to see the show. if you can't get to the museum they've got most (if not all) of the collection online! here are 4 of my favorite pieces:



having a rough i made a necklace. sometimes it's the little things that can make (or break) you.



one thing that i love about fashion is that you can style yourself to become whoever you want to be, a different person every day. my outfit inspiration today was "first day of 9th grade".


through the cold.

i'm in love with my new coat! i want it to be winter (for about a week) so i can wear it!


fake grape.

favorite fake flavor!

(via flickr)


air in the epic.

our vacation to las vegas and the grand canyon was AMAZING and here are some pictures to prove it!

first night hundos.

five star relaxing.

heaven on earth.

also, heaven on earth!

truly, heaven on earth.

i didn't consider myself a "las vegas" kind of person, but we had A LOT of fun. most of my money went to the pinball hall of fame, but i did win $40 from video poker (and then promptly cashed out and bought myself some celebratory ice-cream). we ate so much good food, saw penn and teller, and my boyfriend took me on a surprise gondola ride with the funniest gondolier ever (hi beppe!). on my birthday we drove to the north rim of the grand canyon and watched the sunset and then spent the rest of the trip at the south rim. i must have said "WOW!!!" and "JUST LOOK AT IT!!!" a million times!!! we hiked the ~5 miles down bright angel trail to indian garden and then back up again, and for city-kids we did it in pretty good time! it was a awesome vacation in every sense of those two words, but i'm very glad to be back home in brooklyn...with my cats.


in that other fantasy where we live forever.

i'm headed out for a birthday vacation. i've always wanted to see the grand canyon and i'm finally going to! it's going to be so sublime, i'm going to cry.



ice cream thighs.

my friend (and birthday buddy) joanna just opened up an cute lil etsy shop with all of her cute lil drawings of cute lil people and cute lil foods. go buy a cute lil print and spruce up your cute lil house!


sweater girl.

now, i'm not really looking forward to fall (summer forever!), but this outfit is making me feel a little bit better about wearing sweaters and boots again. dream look.



i saw this beautiful piece of scratch board art at a 'thrift' store in chelsea two years ago and i think that not buying it ($25.00) is one of my life's biggest regrets.


i guess this is glow-ing up.

there comes a time in many women's lives where they look in the mirror and say "i am a fancy grown-up lady and i want a designer bag." once you reach that point there's no going back, and that's just what happened to me a few months ago! after that i just had to decide which fancy bag would most define me and what kind of fancy grown-up lady i am. am i a LV speedy? a chanel 2.55? i decided that i was a wang. a wang marion. a GLOW IN THE DARK wang marion, from s/s '13. some of you readers may remember by obsession with glow in the dark items during my grad school days, and well, it never went away! i love that my first (non-vintage-store-score) designer bag says exactly what i want it to say about me; she's cool, classic and futuristic!


infinity loop.

the singular ruth asawa passed away this month at age 87. taught by some of the greats (buckminster fuller! merce cunningham! josef albers!) while studying at black mountain college, she experimented with looping and crocheting wires into beautiful sloping abstract forms. i always loved this quote by her;
“...I think it’s important to have a relationship with the past and the present and not just be modern or old or modern, or anything like that. I think it’s good to be part of everything...

here is a wonderful interview with ruth and her architect husband albert lanier from 2002, where they talk about artmaking, their marriage, racial discrimination, her time in an internment camp in US during WWII and their time at the creative utopia that was black mountain in the late '40's. tidbit; she did a performance with robert rauschenberg where they carried torches and danced to stravinsky!!


weekend purchases.

jumbo chick-o-sticks & a switchblade comb.


jurassic heart.

god creates dinosaurs. god destroys dinosaurs. god creates man. man destroys god. man creates dinosaurs. dinosaurs eat man … woman goes on date with dinosaur.


tender buttons.

A carafe, that is a blind glass. 
A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange a single hurt color and an arrangement in a system to pointing.
 All this and not ordinary, not unordered in not resembling. 
The difference is spreading.

gs & alice b. toklas
with their poodle big ken

sigrid agren & patricia van der vliet 
by glen luchford 


two boy blobs.

these are my cats. bart and twenty. twenty and bart. two boy blobs.

six pocket suggestion.

this six-pocket shirt from the PERFECT kate spade saturday has been ruling it for me this summer. it carries your phone, keys, sunscreenblotters, candy bars, a even a lil bit of water, everything you need! i always get compliments/questions about it whenever i wear it (which is a lot!)


mitchirineko march.

have a good weekend!!!


after a while i'm just all shimmers.

since i've been getting back into weaving again it's really brought out a creative force in me that went dormant for a bit after grad school and now it just want to get my hands into everything. in between weaving and drawing out ideas for patterns and brainstorming dresses i saw the blog for the beautiful folk fibers and now i'm working up plans for a quilt to make this fall. bring on the shimmer.

clip via folkstreams
found via folk fibers.

at the seaside.

"when the great metropolis is so much hotter, so much noisier, so much more dusty or so much more water-carted, so much more crowded, so much more disturbing and distracting in all respects than it usually is, a quiet sea beach becomes indeed a blessed spot..."

wishing i was by the seaside on this hot muggy day.

quote by charles dickens


peaceable kingdom.

this past weekend i went to ithica, ny to attend/DJ the wedding of two talented friends. the town was so quaint and the wedding was beautiful and i had a blast! while upstate we took the chance to visit farm sanctuary in watkins glen. it was such an amazing experience to get to meet and interact with animals whose lives we often take for granted and who wouldn't be living if not for the kindness of the rescuers. i got to scratch the belly of a huge pig, feed a turkey a clump of grass out of the palm of my hand, softly pet the feathers of a chicken, be swarmed by a bunch of goats all wanting to get pets and, my personal favorite, hang out with the COWS. the cows were so majestic and chill and gorgeous! every part of them was so soft and beautiful.

the forehead fur of thunder, the 3000 lb steer, was so thick and silky.

in love with the soft folds on his thick legs.

his exquisite tail fluff is about a foot long.

just some friends relaxing together on a hot day. when not hanging in the barn, they are free to roam around their huge pasture and into the woods beyond the farm.

we finished up our afternoon with a vegan strawberry 'blizzard' filled with nerds candy. 
maybe my new favorite summer treat.

i highly recommend anyone, vegan or not, who loves animals to visit farm sanctuary. they have a cute bed & breakfast right there surrounded by the picturesque farm and i'm already mentally planning a longer weekend trip.