i guess this is glow-ing up.

there comes a time in many women's lives where they look in the mirror and say "i am a fancy grown-up lady and i want a designer bag." once you reach that point there's no going back, and that's just what happened to me a few months ago! after that i just had to decide which fancy bag would most define me and what kind of fancy grown-up lady i am. am i a LV speedy? a chanel 2.55? i decided that i was a wang. a wang marion. a GLOW IN THE DARK wang marion, from s/s '13. some of you readers may remember by obsession with glow in the dark items during my grad school days, and well, it never went away! i love that my first (non-vintage-store-score) designer bag says exactly what i want it to say about me; she's cool, classic and futuristic!

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