infinity loop.

the singular ruth asawa passed away this month at age 87. taught by some of the greats (buckminster fuller! merce cunningham! josef albers!) while studying at black mountain college, she experimented with looping and crocheting wires into beautiful sloping abstract forms. i always loved this quote by her;
“...I think it’s important to have a relationship with the past and the present and not just be modern or old or modern, or anything like that. I think it’s good to be part of everything...

here is a wonderful interview with ruth and her architect husband albert lanier from 2002, where they talk about artmaking, their marriage, racial discrimination, her time in an internment camp in US during WWII and their time at the creative utopia that was black mountain in the late '40's. tidbit; she did a performance with robert rauschenberg where they carried torches and danced to stravinsky!!

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