i like myself.

enjoy the weekend everybody. here's gene kelly dancing on rollerskates to get it started off right.

certified artists.

if you're interested in getting art created by the artist then keep an eye on the auctions over at artnet. each item is certified authentic and comes with condition and history reports and the prices of other comparable works. this walker evans photograph is an absolute american icon and currently priced at $15,000.

copy artists.

chinese copy artists holding their reproductions of famous works. there is a great article from the chicago tribune that explains their work and process. if you want your own forged painting of klimt's portrait of adele bloch-bauer it will cost you about $205 for a 24"x48". i really suggest reading the article, it brings up a lot of questions about art and authenticity.

{photographs by michael wolf - all info found via things magazine}


bachelor #4.

these muscle men by mimi kirchner are completely genius. hand-dyeing large print toiles 'flesh colors' she utilizes the designs as tattoos for these soft tough-guys. my favorites are the ones in the old-timey bathing suits! check out her blog and etsy for more amazing stuff.

in stereo sound.

kitsune noir has a new mixtape up for download. it's got great songs on it {paul simon followed by belle and sebastian, yes please!} but what really hit me was his wonderful cover design. it's kodachrometastic. what? download it here and take a long walk through the city with your camera at the ready.

mina perhonen.

discovering mina perhonen is what really sealed the deal on me applying to grad school for textiles. when looking at something really takes your breath away you know that it's something that you've got to go for. i can't wait to design such beautiful things.

suits you.

i just spent the morning internet browsing for a suit for a man-friend who's about to embark on buying his first 'real' suit and i think that i fell in love with this suit from banana republic. it's hard to say from just a picture about the quality of the fabric and the construction, but the color is great and it fits this model so well.

i also found this guide from men's style about suits under $500 that has some good styles and fits. the first guy is a pretty good wes anderson look-a-like and i think that i might just be in love with the second model {and his perry ellis suit}. men in suits, swooooon!



"a lot of people get confused when they see this image. they think it was done by computer, but we actually took pigment powder, mixed it with talc to get the right ice-cream pastel colours, and brushed it into the cats." "there wasn't enough light to do the picture indoors - but, by a fluke, all the cats seemed to gravitate to this clematis at the bottom of some steps. i didn't arrange them. this is just what the cats did, and they all pretty much stayed where they were throughout. so it's actually quite a naturalistic portrait - apart from the colour."

i want the blue one in the back!!!

{photo and quote from tim walker - found via paul pincus}

metro robo.

i really like the print on this PAM dress at creatures of comfort. although it's a little close to giving the wearer 'eye boobs', i think that the design is really fresh and anything with pockets gets a thumbs up from me.

cynical adolescents.

first edition of catcher in the rye, complete with dust jacket photograph of a tightly cropped j.d. salinger. up for bid currently at $1,300.

long gone.

so here is the before and after of the great hair-cutting of 2008. it's quite a bit shorter than i wanted but it feels so good to have all of that length gone for good!

{please disregard how weird my face looks, i swear i'm not made of wax}


suicide food.

while in savannah my friend was marveling at an ad for a new bbq place that featured an especially happy looking pig. being as we're both vegetarians we started talking about how people who eat meat don't usually associate the animals with the food, and if they do, showing a happy pig makes them feel better. in fact, most meat advertising revolves around this theory as evidenced by suicide food. 'suicide food is any depiction of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed. suicide food actively participates in or celebrates its own demise. suicide food identifies with the oppressor.' maybe more ad execs need to read fast food nation.

architectural ancestor.

marion mahoney* griffin was the second woman to graduate with a degree in architecture from MIT, the first licensed female architect in history and a contemporary and colleague of frank lloyd wright. she is also my great-great-aunt. although she is considered a member of the prairie school, many of her contributions to the art and architecture world are sadly under-represented. throughout her life she pursed democratic ideals community planning and maintained an outspoken position on environmental matters. many of her presentation drawings were based on the style of japanese prints and are exceptionally beautiful. working as she did, in a collaborative way and with extraordinary men in a male dominated profession, must have taken quite a bit of gumption. must be why she is described over and over again as being 'fiery'.

{*pronouced may-oh-nee, don't say ma-hone-ee or my grandmother will get mad}

sam haskins.

not to be on a 'posting about nudes' rampage, but i've always loved the work of sam haskins, a photographer from the 60's and 70's best known for his nudes. the first image is from his book november girl and the second is an amazing pre-photoshop in camera montage.


the painting makes me want to run naked.

it's one of my life-dreams to own a cy twombly. then i could stand naked in front of it as much as i liked.


well house hunting was a success, thank goodness. it was a bit more of a pain in the you-know-where than i thought that it was going to be but in the end i'm feeling pretty good about it. i rode around all day in the hot hot southern sun and ended up renting the very first apartment that i saw. oof.

+it's in a pretty nice neighborhood {2 blocks from the gingerbread house and 4 blocks from friends}
+close to farmers market, grocery store, downtown and school.
+hardwood floors! high ceilings!
+huge living room!
+my very own washer and dryer!
+a faux fireplace! {i think, i sadly can't remember}
+being completely repainted!

-3rd floor walk-up.
-tiny tiny kitchen.
-might be haunted.

and that's about it. i wish that i had taken pictures or even paid attention to more details but it was a very frazzled weekend and the only pictures that i took were of my friends cat {of course}. i really can't wait to start decorating!!

{image via apartment therapy}