well house hunting was a success, thank goodness. it was a bit more of a pain in the you-know-where than i thought that it was going to be but in the end i'm feeling pretty good about it. i rode around all day in the hot hot southern sun and ended up renting the very first apartment that i saw. oof.

+it's in a pretty nice neighborhood {2 blocks from the gingerbread house and 4 blocks from friends}
+close to farmers market, grocery store, downtown and school.
+hardwood floors! high ceilings!
+huge living room!
+my very own washer and dryer!
+a faux fireplace! {i think, i sadly can't remember}
+being completely repainted!

-3rd floor walk-up.
-tiny tiny kitchen.
-might be haunted.

and that's about it. i wish that i had taken pictures or even paid attention to more details but it was a very frazzled weekend and the only pictures that i took were of my friends cat {of course}. i really can't wait to start decorating!!

{image via apartment therapy}

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