architectural ancestor.

marion mahoney* griffin was the second woman to graduate with a degree in architecture from MIT, the first licensed female architect in history and a contemporary and colleague of frank lloyd wright. she is also my great-great-aunt. although she is considered a member of the prairie school, many of her contributions to the art and architecture world are sadly under-represented. throughout her life she pursed democratic ideals community planning and maintained an outspoken position on environmental matters. many of her presentation drawings were based on the style of japanese prints and are exceptionally beautiful. working as she did, in a collaborative way and with extraordinary men in a male dominated profession, must have taken quite a bit of gumption. must be why she is described over and over again as being 'fiery'.

{*pronouced may-oh-nee, don't say ma-hone-ee or my grandmother will get mad}


  1. i'm like 99.9% sure it's may-oh-nee!!

  2. amazing drawings. your great-great-aunt seems like an amazing woman!