dead cells.

i wish that i had something more interesting and dynamic to say, but i'm pretty sure that grad school is actually melting my brain and making me stupider. anyway, i want this haircut. not that i'm growing my hair out again, but i'm also not cutting it either...

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Irina Shaposhnikova 09 from pierre debusschere on Vimeo.

i love how irina shaposhnikova's master collection is presented. a beautiful kaleidoscope.

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winter-time yeti fun!

this summer designed a whole series of greeting cards that feature two best friend yetis hanging out together. i wanted to use the 'snow-yeti' as my christmas card so i got about a million/billion printed. i only know, like, 15 people so i'm going to sell off the rest! so if you want to say ''seasons greetings'' with two cute monsters please check them out!