charlotte gainsbourg is so gorgeous. this is how hot i aspire to look everyday of my life!

come together.

so, bit by bit my new apartment is slowing becoming my home. this weekend i'm planning on taking some pictures to share, but in the mean time just check out these photos because that's basically what it looks like...

sike! that's alexander wang's new studio. while my apartment isn't quite that nice, i really love it!
{images courtesy of wwd}


it makes me feel blue.

the past few years i've become a big fan of a very particular kind of blue; the intense, deep ultramarine of international klein blue. named after and developed by artist yves klein, he used it extensively and almost exclusively; the color blue becoming the work of art.


would you like to see me often?

milano chow has got some nice shirts over at blood is the new black.

yacht rock.

jeff koons does his own take on the dazzle ship, the recently launched guilty.

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happy as a clam or dead meat?

over & over.

i'm so excited for this book! over and over: a catalog of hand-drawn patterns collects groundbreaking work from fifty of today's most talented designers who create patterns by hand and use them in their work in inventive and innovative ways. i do 99.9% of all of my work by hand on newsprint and tracing paper, so it's refreshing to see a book celebrate wonderful non-vectory design, which you would expect from the guy who brought you hand job {that sounds weird.} i'm really interested in learning how to translate my work into illustrator, {especially if that means i get to play around with a wacom}, but i know that hand drawing will always be at the heart of it.


please call stella.

"Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station."
in the speech accent archive you can listen to different native language speakers read the wonderful above paragraph, which contains most of the consonants, vowels, and clusters of standard american english. it's weird now that i live in georgia to hear people speak with such pronounced southern accents, it really throws me off for a second or two. i guess i just got used to the souff philly one. anyway, i love how people from scandinavia pronounce "these things" and "brother bob". i think that i would really like to hear jermu read it!

{jermu courtesy of hel-looks}

what the eye sees.

still from ray and charles eames 1972 film explaining the inner workings of the polaroid SX-70


do impossible things.

good god, i love jens lekman. in 2003 a friend brought me back a cd of his from sweden and i've been a huge fan ever since. now, after seeing this amazing picture he took of jens, i'm a big fan of thobias fรคldt too.