catch it.

have a good weekend!


island nation.

i love the flag of seychelles and i wouldn't mind going there to tell them that.


golden girl.

i'm still pretty skepitcal about this hbo grey gardens adaptation, but gosh DARN am i really excited to see it!!!

cessation of all hankerings.

'It is a long-term project, patently an ambitious one, and there is a real-enough danger, I suppose, that sooner or later I'll bog down, perhaps disappear entirely, in my own methods, locutions, and mannerisms. On the whole, though, I'm very hopeful.' -
J.D. Salinger on the Glass family.

{images from a de appel production of franny and zooey}



current inspiration: sonia delaunay.

{via the textile blog}


vintage folk art cat sculpture with beautiful hand-painting, from modern50.


and the googly-eyes go to...

the winners for the great googly-eye giveaway, as chosen by, are....Andre, theraininspain, rhan small ernst and jbf! congrats to the postcard-getters and thanks to everyone for commenting and hopefully i'll be able to do another fun giveaway sometime soon!

{postcard from here}

brand new day.

well, today starts a new quarter and that means 10 more weeks of getting up before the sun rises. let the good times roll! also, i'll be announcing the giveaway winners at noon, so check back!

{ammmaazzzing pinhole photograph from here}


darn you phoootttoooobuuuuckkeeeettt!

so apparently i'm over my photobucket bandwidth limit for the month and so allllll of my blog pictures are down! yipes! please bear with me while i try and switch everything over to my flickr pro account. i'm trying to look at it as a good thing, this means that i'm getting tons of visitors!

{image from another flickr user anja louise}