everything with you.

i normally try not to post two videos in a row, but i can't stop listening to this song/watching this video. plus after that last one, i feel like a nice little tune to dance around the room to isn't so wrong.

the last thylacine.

the last known motion picture footage taken of a living thylacine, a now extinct carnivorous marsupial. just a few seconds of black-and-white footage of the animal pacing backwards and forwards in its enclosure, taken in 1933, three years before it's death from exposure and neglect. ugh. how could people be so terrible to a beautiful tiger-dog with a pouch??


an act of prayer.

"do all your work as though you had a thousand years to live, and as you would, if you knew you must die tomorrow
." - mother ann

{original shaker settee bench}

one on one.

i've always loved david hockney's etchings. artist and model, half-ground etching, soft-ground etching, & sugar-lift aquatint; 1973-74.


once upon a time...

you've probably seen the videos of capucine posted all over the internet and you have also probably fallen in love with her. thankfully her powers of preciousness are being used for good. edurelief has commissioned capucine {and her mother} to create t-shirts, magnets and buttons to raise money to help built and fill libraries in mongolia. and we all know that capucine loves to share good story.

one year later.

it was one year ago that i began carving out this tiny slice of internet! thanks to everyone who came and read and commented and came back again. 365 days of sharing amazing things - and here's to 365 more! xoxo


and beyond.

perfectly boring.

last night i watched a very beautiful and quiet documentry on wiliam eggleston. netflix subscribers can watch it instantly. it could be the best way to spend a [super bowl] sunday.