every picture of you is when you were younger.

here is a photograph taken of me 55 years from now.

{photograph by william eggleston, photoshop by me}

begining of the end.

one more week of work left! it's getting harder and harder to stay inside all day when i could be out soaking up all that's left of what philly has to offer me. ho hum.

my replacement starts here on monday which means i'll be spending most of next week explaining to her all of the thousands of tiny different things that that encompass this job. those 1,000 things even out to about 2 things a day over these past two years, which is why i've had so much time to enjoy all the things the internet has to offer. i hope that once i'm busy with school i'll be able to keep up!

{print by robert longo}


grand goal.

i've been constantly day dreaming about setting up my new apartment. jeana sohn's is a day dream come true. i don't know what i'm going to do about getting a couch. i'm still in love with this one from urban outfitters, but it's been on pre-order since march!

packing up.

last night i began packing up my stuff. i've already got 8 boxes filled with books, but i just bought another one anyway. i already own like 5 david sedaris books and they have never disappointed. i've traveled far and wide with "me talk pretty one day" because even after the 17th read, it was still funny to me. when "dress your family in corduroy and denim" came out i went to see david read from it. the venue was so packed that we had to sit behind his podium and i saw him pick a wedgie. between reading so much about his life, taking so many long trips together, and that whole wedgie thing, i feel like david and i are pretty good friends. during those lonely first few weeks living by myself in a new town, i think that bringing a good friend along is a good idea.

dear french girl,

i don't know who you are, or where exactly you're sitting, but let's trade lives {and wardrobes}!


c. 1992.

ok, so, alana celii is getting her bfa at parsons, just did an interview for fecal face, and recently won a new york photo award, but blahblahblah cause what i was most drawn to on her website were these scans of her old sticker collection book! i was quite an avid sticker collector myself and now i wonder what happened to them all!

union made.

collection of vintage carhartt buttons from workers.

{found via reference library}

worry wart.

i worry a lot about dumb stuff. if i haven't heard from someone in a few hours they are probably dead on the side of the road and no one remembered to call me. i'm in good company though because jennifer zwick worries about dumb stuff too and she decided to make a bunch of etchings about it. what might go wrong gives 100 examples of disasters waiting to happen. after my incident on saturday i think that her worry #1 might become mine as well.


business bunny.

long day at work. i need this lil guy to help me through.



jana posted some neat philip glass clips from 1979 sesame street and i was inspired to do a little youtube searching of my own. i came across this video of feist guest-starring with her performance of a tweaked-for-kids "1 2 3 4". it is really cute. maybe there is some hope for children's programming yet.

hell of a town.

this past weekend i actually went to new york! i figured that with my moving down south so soon, i'd better take advantage of nyc's proximity one last time. so me and my friend mike flem packed up our bikes and braved the chinatown bus on saturday morning. the theme of the day was "stress free" and aside from a minor accident, the "no plan" plan worked out wonderfully. we checked out the new museum, saw the repainted keith haring mural, hung out with our ridiculously good looking dutch friends, rode across the brooklyn and williamsburg bridges, saw the david byrne building installation, and ate at caravan of dreams with our friend vegan steven. it was my last new york trip for quite a while and it was a good one.