packing up.

last night i began packing up my stuff. i've already got 8 boxes filled with books, but i just bought another one anyway. i already own like 5 david sedaris books and they have never disappointed. i've traveled far and wide with "me talk pretty one day" because even after the 17th read, it was still funny to me. when "dress your family in corduroy and denim" came out i went to see david read from it. the venue was so packed that we had to sit behind his podium and i saw him pick a wedgie. between reading so much about his life, taking so many long trips together, and that whole wedgie thing, i feel like david and i are pretty good friends. during those lonely first few weeks living by myself in a new town, i think that bringing a good friend along is a good idea.

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  1. Yeah, I feel like David is an old friend of mine too. The last essay (novella really) in this latest book is so good...