the great googly-eye giveaway.

hello friends! last night i tried to straighten up my art-work-area {a.k.a. the whole living room}. however, i got side-tracked...gluing googly-eyes to a bunch of 20th century art postcards of course! well right then i figured that it was about time for my very first now voyager giveaway! so, wonderful lookers and readers, leave a comment sometime this weekend and check back on monday when i'll randomly pick 4 people to send mail to. you'll be the envy of all your studio-mates!

googly koons

googly upside-down fontana

googly goldin

googly theibaud

...and more!

a brief history of time.

On a visit to Grandpa in 1968, my mother took a photo of my sisters and me in front of the old-folks home where he lived. Four years later, on another visit, we decided, on a lark, to recreate the earlier shot. We got the lineup wrong, and my sisters botched their poses slightly. But we were working from memory, and in that light the outcome is faithful, if not exact. Eight years later we lined up for another recreation, and this time we used a previous photo as a guide. Stupidly, we used the 1972 shot as our pose template rather than the original 1968 shot. In 1983, we recreated the "wrong" pose again. For a 1986 shot, we finally got our act together and lined up just as we had the very first time. We've kept on track ever since, taking a new picture whenever we happen to be together. Since both my sisters live in California, our opportunities to update the series are infrequent.- joey harrison

this is such a wonderful series!


lay down.

this song came on today while i was driving and i was singing along so loudly that i lost my voice for a few minutes. melanie safka is so so so good!

burgundy & brass.

i'm mostly too poor to own most 'labels' and whatnot, plus i'm vegetarian and never buy new leather-goods, but there is definitely a soft spot in my heart for etienne aigner handbags and boots from the 1970's. so i must admit that when i came across this lot on ebay, my heart sure did skip a beat!

propulsion party.

homemade rockets; it's what all the cool kids are doing!

{sorry about the side-ways-ness of the video, i got too excited to care.}



i really need to start practicing yoga again.

{from the life archive}


hand-made / home-made.

here is my weaving final project, but hopefully not my final weaving project. i made three pillows for my couch and it's so strange and fulfilling to put my butt on something that i spent so much time on. they are made of cotton thread and filled with bamboo fiber and are wonderfully soft and sturdy. twenty-twenty likes them!


with periodical table of the artist's colors stephen beal takes each color of embroidery floss and attributes it a memory. my scent memory is very strong, a fragrance can take me back to a single moment so quickly. i'd love to figure out a way to make a periodic table of scents.

{found via the wonderful even cleveland}