birthday boy.

today my cat, twenty-twenty, turns 5 years old!

about two and a half years ago he got very, very sick with a urinary infection/torn urethra and had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital on drugs and full of tubes. he had a bunch of surgeries and it was a very, very scary and sad time. but he made it and is healthy now. i think that he's so thankful to me for spending my life savings on him and that's the reason why i can't take two steps into the house without him following me around like a little puppy. it's true love!

one year old and tiny.

after the first round of surgeries. cone-headed and stoned.

belly rolls, catheter tubes and pee bags.

favorite t-shirt, which he actually hates.

first cat-bath.

it's my party and i'll bite if i want to.


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  1. omg he is so cute. Especially in the first pic where his head is popping in the frame :)