of walking in ice.

so i finally broke down and purchased "of walking in ice" from amazon. it's really short {95 pages}, simply presented, and is full of so, so many editing and spelling errors. it's ridiculous. 3 weeks worth of talking about snow and rain and more rain and blisters and breaking into summer homes and how much he stinks and the overwhelming loneliness of the road and the landscape. the writing is in a disjointed, stream-of-conscious style. less prose than just a series of thoughts. gems like...

"no one has any idea just how many mice there are in the world, it's unimaginable."

"the tangerines make me completely euphoric."

"as i walk the word 'millet', which i've always liked so much, just wont leave my mind."

all of these might sounds like criticisms, but i love it. it's especially great if you read it in werner's voice. here he is talking about the obscenity of the jungle, just in case you're not familiar.

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