comme moi.

screen capture from une femme est une femme, a "musical-comedy-tragedy" and one of my favorite godard films. i really love this moment, right before she kicks him in the rear.

g&g in your pocket.

i wish that the picture wasn't so small, but the tate is selling these cute little gilbert & george wooden toys with a twist. press the base and the wooden figures jiggle about. just like the real gilbert & george!

lion heart.

ok, so i know that this has been going around the email forward circuit and it's a little cheesy, but it's so cute that i don't care. i bet you'll tear up! this is pretty much exactly what twenty-twenty does everyday when i get home from work. so many cat hugs.


urban pranksters.

now, i hate pranks. and april fools day. and being tricked in anyway...but, this 'skit' from improve everywhere with a subway car filled with identical twins is pretty neat.

most people say yes.

paul pincus posted a lovely video and review of alex da corte's work. he's going to yale for his masters in sculpture this fall and we are going to be very far apart and i'm going to miss him more than 'old people night'.

go cubs go!

this is the shirt that my mom had on last weekend. if you couldn't tell she loves the cubs! my parent's house is covered in cubs memorabilia, her license plate is CUBSFAN1, and we even have a cat named cubbie. she is currently extra excited because the cubs are currently first in their division!


the days go by.

bubble calendar! a bubble to pop everyday!

{via bb blog}

holiday skating.

last night i went with a few friends to what i lovingly call "old people night" at the rollerskating rink. you have to be over 18 to skate, but i would guess the median age to be at around 65 . everyone is very nice and very good at skating and lots of people wear special skating outfits. there is always a birthday {someone turned 93 last night!}, and that means that there is always cake to share. in addition to 'all skate' there are special dance portions of the night and all of the music is played by a live organist. it's a really wonderful, magical place and it makes me feel good to see people still enjoying life so much. i'm going to miss it.


let's start a band. let's fall in love.

1 - go to wikipedia random. the title of the page is the name of your band.

2 - go to random quotations. the last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - go to flickr's "explore the last seven days". the third picture {no matter what it is!} will be your album cover.

put it all together decide what kind of music you're gonna play and start recording your debut album.

the results are pretty great:

band name: DAO
album name: what they tell themselves
sounds like: a depressing 4AD band.
album cover:

now go do your homework!

cycle chic.

i love riding my bike in high heels and so does this fancy lady from copenhagen cycle chic.



the tour de france 2008 began this weekend and if you've never watched it before i suggest you try and catch a few stages. you can watch videos on the website and keep updated on who's in the running for le maillot jaune. known as 'the champion of the champions, fausto coppi won the yellow jersey twice and was {maybe} the lance armstrong of his day. i love this picture of him in his bianchi jersey. you can get your own in the classic 'celeste' color {which is prettier than yellow anyway} from prendas uk.

{image via prendas}

work life.

only two more weeks left as an 'architectural layout designer' in philadelphia and then it's onwards to being a poor grad student in savannah! it's been 4 years since i was last in school and i'm so excited about starting classes again. but what i'm {secretly} most excited about is starting fresh with a new apartment all to myself. i can't wait to start decorating it!

{work life by darren booth}