lay down {candles in the rain}.

andy goldsworthy's rain shadow.

just another diamond day.

today i found my new favorite place in savannah. it's 2.5 miles from my house.


i'm in love with modern moonlight.

i feel like i post about urban outfitters' stuff a lot {maybe?}, but this is too great to not give a mention. it's the moon! inside your room!

"Authentically detailed, our Illuminated Remote Control Moon hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon. 12 different phase settings let you match what the real moon looks like outside on any given night."

part of me is just like, can't you go look at the REAL moon? but another, larger part, really really wants a moon in my room.


there's a really interesting interview on the colour lovers blog with a person who has synesthesia. she is a graphic designer who sees letters in certain colors. her personal synesthesia map is the color sequence below.

imaginary friends.

{see at clayton cubit}


weaving 101.

preparing my first warp.

the universe is expanding.

annie hall is the best movie. it always cheers me up when i'm depressed about how someday the universe will "break apart and that will be the end of everything."


please mr. postman.

if i hadn't just spend $200 in the past two days on books and supplies {and cat food} i would totally get this adorable necklace from rag trader. oh gosh, i might just get it anyway.


don't be scared.

today i'm wearing my homemade "hi, how are you" shirt from when i was daniel johnston for halloween. it makes me feel good.

*edit: here is the shirt.

false contender.

{via the selby}


falling & laughing.

in the new vice there is an interview with edwyn collins, the singer from scottish twee pop band orange juice. in 2005 edwyn suffered two major brain hemorrhages that left him unable to walk, talk, or use his right hand. his brain also lost the ability to work out letters and words. over the next three years he began drawing animals, mostly birds, with his left hand as a way of teaching his body and mind how to work again. he recently had a show of these bird drawings at smithfield gallery in london.

{click drawing to download falling and laughing}

how wheeling feels.

amazing print and texture from copy of an imitation. oh, and maybe you though that this was a cool pleated bag? well, you were wrong. awesome.

{found at kingdom of style}

the moody blues.

in college i took an alternative {non-silver} photographic class and lately i've been thinking about working with cyanotypes again because it's such a magical process. i was just doing a bit of research and came across the smithsonian's flickr. it included these images which are seriously some of the most beautiful things that i've seen in quite a while.


flowers of a hundred generations.

simplicity is beautiful. momoyogusa's mount fuji.

{via nevver}

i want a range life.

johnny cash's to do list.