a brief history of time.

On a visit to Grandpa in 1968, my mother took a photo of my sisters and me in front of the old-folks home where he lived. Four years later, on another visit, we decided, on a lark, to recreate the earlier shot. We got the lineup wrong, and my sisters botched their poses slightly. But we were working from memory, and in that light the outcome is faithful, if not exact. Eight years later we lined up for another recreation, and this time we used a previous photo as a guide. Stupidly, we used the 1972 shot as our pose template rather than the original 1968 shot. In 1983, we recreated the "wrong" pose again. For a 1986 shot, we finally got our act together and lined up just as we had the very first time. We've kept on track ever since, taking a new picture whenever we happen to be together. Since both my sisters live in California, our opportunities to update the series are infrequent.- joey harrison

this is such a wonderful series!


  1. awesome!

    check out nicholas nixon's "brown sisters" series...

  2. Fantastic photographs! My dad's family recreated a family photograph - perfectly posed - 50 years after the original was taken. It is one of our family's most beloved possessions. My grandparents have both the original photo and the newer photo framed, hanging together. They are now 89 and 90!

    Oh - and the architecture and landscaping of the retirement home in the first 2 photos is very cool!

  3. This is so wonderful . . . the fifth photo down is taken at very familiar spot in my alma mater, what a nice surprise!