hand-made / home-made.

here is my weaving final project, but hopefully not my final weaving project. i made three pillows for my couch and it's so strange and fulfilling to put my butt on something that i spent so much time on. they are made of cotton thread and filled with bamboo fiber and are wonderfully soft and sturdy. twenty-twenty likes them!


  1. Wait...

    Hand-made/home-made = the cat or the pillows?

  2. !!!

    I *LOVE* these.

    I've been thinking about staring some weaving projects (my mother has several looms) and this has decided it. They look fantastic. I hope you do more. I really love the color and pattern choices.

    I love weaving - so mathematical and precise to set up, and soothing and contemplative in action.

  3. aw thanks dears! i think i've caught the weaving bug, now i just have to find room for a 4 harness monster!

  4. They look soooo good! Totally taking a weaving class now, thanks to you convincing me that it's actually cool.

  5. Hai.. These look good. great presentation, i love this Thanks.