peaceable kingdom.

this past weekend i went to ithica, ny to attend/DJ the wedding of two talented friends. the town was so quaint and the wedding was beautiful and i had a blast! while upstate we took the chance to visit farm sanctuary in watkins glen. it was such an amazing experience to get to meet and interact with animals whose lives we often take for granted and who wouldn't be living if not for the kindness of the rescuers. i got to scratch the belly of a huge pig, feed a turkey a clump of grass out of the palm of my hand, softly pet the feathers of a chicken, be swarmed by a bunch of goats all wanting to get pets and, my personal favorite, hang out with the COWS. the cows were so majestic and chill and gorgeous! every part of them was so soft and beautiful.

the forehead fur of thunder, the 3000 lb steer, was so thick and silky.

in love with the soft folds on his thick legs.

his exquisite tail fluff is about a foot long.

just some friends relaxing together on a hot day. when not hanging in the barn, they are free to roam around their huge pasture and into the woods beyond the farm.

we finished up our afternoon with a vegan strawberry 'blizzard' filled with nerds candy. 
maybe my new favorite summer treat.

i highly recommend anyone, vegan or not, who loves animals to visit farm sanctuary. they have a cute bed & breakfast right there surrounded by the picturesque farm and i'm already mentally planning a longer weekend trip.

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