andy wyeth.

andy wyeth died today. the entire wyeth family's work has surrounded me throughout my life. my great grand uncle is howard pyle, teacher to andy's father n.c. and owner to the boots used in this painting. my mother grew up in chadds ford right down the street from n.c. wyeth's house and studio. jamie wyeth hung out with my uncle and his friend taught my mom how to swear. my grandmother used to work at the brandywine river museum and knows more about the paintings there than she was allowed to tell. i associate the wyeth's with my mother's side of the family and with my grandmother especially, this just reminds me that she's in her 90's as well. rest in peace, andrew newell wyeth. sigh.

{if i had to narrow it down
i would say that
garret room [above]
is my favorite
andy wyeth painting.
if you get a chance
to visit the brm
and see it
in person
i highly recommend
that you do.
it is stunning.}


  1. my favorite

  2. I grew up in Dilworthtown, so lived with the Wyeth presence. We kids would give wrong directions to tourists looking for the Wyeth place, only to have the tourists come by again, a half hour later. Chadds Ford Elementary School had Wyeths on its halls' walls, back in the day. My mother was the judge for the CF Art Show and got in a huge argument with Betsy, as Mom gave Jamie an Honorable Mention, not a First. Mom won, asking: What does Jamie need more praise for?
    One would often see Andy out in some field - even near until he died - driven about by some friend. My favorite memory of him was, back in the '50s, pencilling sketches on paper napkins of participants of the local Strawberry Social, then presenting them to the subjects (though Betsy soon put a stop to that). Truly a man of the people.