lost & found.

the vivian maier story has inspired me to begin to scan the some one hundred 23/4" x 23/4" glass slides that i have of an unknown family. the only information that i can figure is that they seem to be from florida and they range from 1951 to 1953. many of them are of vacations to cuba and miami and others are of various family members on front yards, in swimming pools and beautiful gardens. i got them about 5 years ago at a stoop sale in philadelphia. finally scanning them, and actually having them scan fairly well, is very exciting to me. i've always wanted to utilize them somehow, but they've always felt 'off-limits' and too precious. maybe scanning and sharing will be a good start.


  1. there's a hundred of these things?! so neat. post more!

    i found about 60 in a storage room of the photo department my junior year. i scanned them all but haven't done anything with them. my family is jewish and seems to camp a lot.

  2. So stunning - a whole secret life revealed. I wonder if any of the family members will recognize their relatives and come forward to tell their story? If not, I think we should make one up for them!

  3. i'm going to scan more this week!