i'm taking all next week off for my trip down to savannah, where the lemonade springs and where the bluebird sings. i'll be checking out SCAD, soaking up the sun on tybee island, getting in my first swim of the summer during april at our hotels pool, not getting chiggers from the spanish moss, and seeing clue: the musical {i hope to, one day, see all of my favorite movies in musical form. i've already seen the grey garden's musical and maybe someday they'll make an annie hall musical. or wayne's world?!?!?} anyway, i'm really exciting to get away from philly for a while. take a break from work and life and see all that savannah has to offer me.

"i'm a goin to stay where you sleep all day,
where they hung the jerk that invented work
in the big rock candy mountains."

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