they don't weaken, no matter what.

i was feeling a bit afraid that with school and work and then general enjoyment of life, i would find myself slacking on this lil blog here. and i don't want that. i think that it has really helped me find a lot of inspiration in a lot of different places. it's also become a bit of a visual diary. i look back and remember why i posted certain things, how i got to certain places. i love that, it's important. therefore, in the spirit of tricking myself into doing things i like anyway, i have switched this site to it's own stream-lined domain. you are now looking at! much more grown-up, no more nasty 'blogspot'. this way i have a little something invested here and will not let it go by the wayside. i promise.

{image of the wonderful little edie}


  1. congratulations! and yes, please keep blogging. i will be checking in as always!

    ps: what is that image from?

  2. it's either a screen shot of grey gardens or the beales of grey gardens, i can't remember which!