'we should not be moral but we are, and all kinds of emotions that are very, very unwelcome creep in, and we have to deal with them. one of these emotions, which is completely useless and creeps in all the time, is whenever guilt comes in we want to get rid of it because guilt is extremely painful and we are not here to experience pain. exorcism is necessary when the guilt has come in and you want to forget about it. you want to forget about certain experiences because they are forbidden. sculpture needs so much physical involvement that you can rid yourself of your demons through sculpting. drawing doesn't have that pretension. drawing is just a little help.'

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  1. these are incredible. so are the words.

    i love her. i use the word genius much too often...but she's one and she knows it. a recent work titled the runaway girl, 1938 featured in i won't grow up @ cheim and stuck in my head. probably forever.