pig iron.

Zhang Huan, ‘Zhu Gangqiang No. 10’, 2009. Ash on linen.

"in may 2008, an earthquake reaching 8.0 on the richter scale struck the sichuan province of china, killing more than 60,000 people. amidst the tragedy, there was a pig that lived, trapped, for 49 days after the quake, surviving on rainwater, rotten wood and a small amount of foraged feed. his survival was hailed as a miracle and he was given the name ‘zhu gangqiang’ (‘cast -iron -pig’). according to buddhist scripture, 49 days is the amount of time that a soul remains on earth between death and transmigration.”

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  1. Completely fascinating. I read your post right after seeing this:

    About the weight of souls. Feels like the universe is pointing in a direction today.