i'm having kind of a crappy day and i really just want to be at home sitting next to the fan, drinking peach lemonade and watching privlege. it's one of my favorite movies of all time, but unfortunately it was never officially released on the home market. sometimes you can find bootlegs of it on ebay, that's where i got mine. it's the best film about a mod pop singer utilized by the government to control the masses through conversion to christianity. paul jones as steven shorter is amazing and makes the best 'i hate my life' puke-faces, jean shrimpton is wonderful and demure and has perfect hair, and you'll never see a more entertaining commercial for apples in all of your entire life!!


  1. laughter will be cut out of me with a surgical knife?!

    i love old movie trailers. so much. and i've never even heard of this movie! woaw!

  2. if you're up for it, i HIGHLY recommend it.