hair today...

tonight i'm finally gonna do it. i'm getting my hair cut. i'm a short haired girl at heart and ever since i was 16 and paid my sister $3 to drive me to the mall to get my long wavy {aka frizzy} locks all chopped off, having short hair just felt right for me. the past two years i've been growing my hair out as an experiment, just to see if, after almost 10 years of being a short haired gal, long hair would be a good thing for me. and i can tell you, it probably isn't. sometimes i do think that it looks alright, but it still feels funny to me. so in a few hours my 10" pony tail will be sitting in a zip lock bag waiting to be mailed in to locks of love, and i'll be riding my bike home feeling a lot lighter. i'm glad that i gave it a try, and someday i might go for it again, but as for now give me a jean seberg or give me death!



  1. good luck! i love breathless, great inspiration.

  2. i do not remember you paying me to take you to the mall!

  3. i'll try and scan the before and afters tonight!