only 100?

tomorrow i'm flying down to savannah again to check out places to live. hopefully i'll be able to find a house that's not too teeny and still within my budget {ugh, a budget}. in order to make moving a lot easier i've begun purging my current collection of crap. i've got 6+ garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, tchotchkes, board games, books, records, etc etc...sitting around just waiting for the upcoming punk rock flea market to sell off. i'm selling my kitchen chairs and bedroom set on craigslist and i just really want to move as lite as possible. apparently david bruno is trying to whittle his stuff down too, to just 100 things. however, he's not counting; shared family furniture, books, memorabilia and other collectible and i think that that sounds a bit like cheating, but hey, it's his challenge. as for me, i'd like to get my 'stuff' down to less than the amount of one small uhaul and i'll be happy. my advice for getting rid of things: do it when you're in a semi-crazy non-sentimental mood and put it in the bag and never look back!

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  1. before i moved from phoenix to los angeles, i purged years of crap from my little home. i was merciless--old correspondence, clothes, books, knick-knacks, etc.--all gone. it felt amazing, and i find i don't miss anything, even when a particular things occurs to me.

    plus, it's a lot easier than i had thought it would be. my only trouble was that i threw things out in such a hurry that i accidentally threw out my passport. whoops.