teddy & jack.

i spent most of christmas eve reading the last twilight book scanning in tons and tons of old family photos. here is one of my grandfather {the baby} with president theodore roosevelt {in the hat and awesome boots} in arizona, c. 1915


  1. oh wow. what an incredible find!

  2. this is great! for christmas my mom gave us copies of two old family albums as well, one from each side of the family. they're so wonderful to look at.

    and an aside: i have begun reading susan sontag's journals after having seen your post about it here--fascinating so far! did you get your hands on a copy?

  3. WOW!
    That is such a gorgeous photograph.

  4. my mom got my the ss book! i haven't started reading it yet though.

    cute story: while on my way back south i got stopped at the airport for "special screening" where they paw through all of your stuff. and the one guy flipped that book open and asked me if i had read it yet and said that it looked "good, really neat".