time. presence. performance. duration.

relation in time, 1977 {with ulay}

relation in time, 2010 {reperformance}

i also went to see the marina abramovic retrospective at the moma. i had to rush through it because i got lost getting there {a-doy} and wanted to also get to soho in time to check out team gallery and the drawing center, before they closed. even though i had such a short time i still stood mesmerized at her performance, which you can watch live here. i wish that i had enough time to stick around and participate. anyway, the show was amazing and i can't stop thinking about it.


  1. oh! oh! oh! i want to do this with someone so badly.

  2. haha this is one of the few performances of hers that i would consider reperforming.

  3. hi, i'm happy that you could see this show... i wish i could! best from brazil to you.


  4. Dear Cat-

    I'm so glad you won my earrings over at Cup of Jo! I'll be sending them off to you in the next few days:)

    Love your blog, v. fascinating stuff:)

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