desk reads.

here are 7 online magazines to 'flip' through. chocked full of great info, they are all FREE and won't clutter up your living room.

neet magazine is all about the d.i.y.

prim magazine just came out with it's first issue and has a little bit of everything, including swear words.

slash magazine's tagline reads: a quarterly for the extra observant and is maybe a bit "smarter" than the above two.

art krush is strictly about art. it's like getting artforum sent right into your inbox twice a month.

magazine is one that everybody loves to hate, but it's updated everyday and it's writing 90% worthwhile {just don't read the user comments}.

the believer
is from the mcsweeny's conglomerate, but it's never updated enough and teases you with half-articles, but they usually have interesting"online exclusives".

harper's is like readers digest for geniuses and you might as well just subscribe to it. it's only 17$ for the year and your guests will think that you're really smart. plus, once you're a subscriber you can read articles on website that date back to the 1850's.

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