nevermind the dewdrops.

my friend katie henry, aka madebyhank, makes really beautiful things. like perfectly crafted handbags and backpacks made from old skirts and curtains and leather belts and buttons. her attention to detail {and texture and color and size and shape} is stunning and sometimes you'll find a lil bunny embroidered on the flap. not only totally cute, but super durable as well.

when she's not sewing bags she's sewing...octopi. and walruses and ostriches. usually lounging on the beach, or playing tennis or enjoying a tiny cake while holding a red balloon. these sewn drawings are all done by hand on a regular ole sewing machine. no fancy computers involved! she's got a new show going up at this friday, april 4th at café estelle {444 north 4th street in philadelphia, PA}. it's called nevermind the dewdrops and there will be tiny cucumber sandwiches and tiny beers and probably mint juleps. if you're in town make sure to check it out!!!

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