this weekend i got my netflix of the first disc of planet earth. i've only watched the first episode so far, but it's so amazing. i think that i said "THAT'S CRAZY!" about 100 times during the first hour. having to wait a few days to get the next disc is going to be a minor torture. other than that i spent most of the weekend inside working on a piece for a show i'm in this friday. more about that later, if i ever get my hands on a flyer for it.

the most exciting part of my weekend, however, was counting and rolling alllll of my change. after dumping out my bunny banks and scrounging in the corners of my room i have an extra 46$ in my life! now all i need is 553$ more and i'll be able to afford an authentic eames wire chair with eiffel base {or another 184$ for a repro}. sheesh.

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