marcel dzama.

in 2001, while doing research for a school paper, i came across the work of marcel dzama and became instantly obsessed {then i discovered just how darn cute he was and became even more obsessed.} since then i've started collecting many things marcel; magazine clippings, the sad ghost salt and pepper shakers {i have salt, alex has pepper in a neo 'b.f.f. necklace' style trade}, a first edition of the berlin years, an original drawing {a prized possession and the first piece of art i paid over 50$ for}, and once i, more or less, flew to london just for one of his openings. yeah, i'm a weirdo. but now i'm a weirdo who is selling some marcel dzama memorabilia on ebay. so please check it out, tell your friends and make some bids! thanks.


  1. I love Marcel's work. So dark and interesting.

  2. You wanna know something CRAZY? You just commented on my Monkey Me, Monkey You blog and I came to see who you were.

    Well, get this: Marcel and I went to art school together and he was a good friend of mine in the 90s!

    Gotta love the blog world!

  3. hah! funny. i met him once and he seems like a a-ok kinda guy.

  4. i LOVE him too. he is so rad and i hear he's shy which makes him even more irresistible.