i'm back!

whoa. what a week! the trip down to savannah was really great. we went rollerskating at an intensely medieval themed 'family entertainment center', thrift shopped at about 5 different places, drove around in our ridiculous electric blue pt cruiser [nicknamed diamond lou}, went to the beach TWICE {and i got sunburn, of course}, confused people by ordering a pizza without cheese, took a tour of scad fibers studios, hung out mostly at the health food store, snooped in the marc jacobs store, took a historic trolley tour {remind me to read 'midnight in the garden of good and evil' before august!}, had gross burritos and really good sushi and saw a giant globe shaped water tower that has a MOON SHAPED MAILBOX. that might have been my favorite part. savannah is really beautiful and i think that i'll really enjoy my time down there, even though the water tastes funny. it's strange being back here at work after 9 days out, but there's only 4 months left before i'm fully immersed in the world of textile design and i'm never looking back!

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