barry's bike.

i like bikes, i like my bike, and i like looking at cool bikes, but i don't really know too much about them. what i do know is that the pretty ones tend to cost a lot. and i know that there are going to be a lot of pretty and expensive bikes at the upcoming "pressure" art exhibition put on by cinelli bikes and RVCA. the first frame being released is by barry mcgee, with other designs following by ashley macomber, clare rojas, c.r. stecyk III, dan murphy, DMOTE, jesse geller, josh lazcano, KAWS, madsaki, phil frost, pm tenore and stephen powers. each set is limited to 50 with 25 complete bikes at $3,700 and 25 frame-only kits at $2,100. yikes. i'm really excited to see clare rojas' contribution because i really like her work.

{via hypebeast}

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