at home with tippi & togare.

tippi hendren and her daughter melanie griffith at home with togare, a lion that belonged to anton lavey. what a surreal combination.


  1. these look like photoshopped slim aarons photos! A-MAZING

  2. Togare was a lion cub that was given to Anton Sandsor Lavey, pope of the church of satan. He neglected the animal and was finally forced to give it up to the Zoo. Nice to see it finally found a happy home.

    1. I remember when he used to bring Togare to the store, Safeway's in the Richmond district. He would park his hearse in front of the store, leave kitty in the back of vehicle, and go do his grocery shopping. I would ask to stay in the car, then sneak over to see Togare. I thought he passed away at the zoo.