this is cassini's division.

i entered this design into spoonflower's fabric of the week contest! the theme was celestial and the artwork had to be created by hand, so i made these little watercolor meteorites flying through the rings of saturn, scanned them in and then played with the color in photoshop. i'm pretty happy with the results! if you want to vote for me {please!} click here and scroll down to find my design. if i win i get a free yard of fabric and i'll show you guys what amazing thing i make with it. vote!


  1. The poll won't load on their page! Sad. I will check back and totally vote for your design -- it looks lovely and goes so well with their theme.

  2. i updated the link and it should work now! vote vote vote! :D

  3. Just voted! This is amazing fabric! You are so talented!