infinite karma.

here's the other dress. it's also silk charmeuse that i digitally printed. one design is the horsehead nebula repeated in various scales and the other is of two lists. one is of all of the bad things that have happened to me in the past 4 months and the second is of all of the good things that are going to happen to me in order to balance those things out. magical thinking! the front has two wonderfully deep pockets and the back has an open keyhole. it was really fun and very challenging to make dresses, but i'm going to keep up with it.


  1. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1)these dresses are amazing!!!
    2)are you going to make these available?
    3)would i be able to afford?


  2. one) thanks!

    two) not as of now. they are some of the first things that i've sewn completely from scratch and so my craft-personship isn't so great.

    three) i could barely afford to make them! it cost 1$/inch to print the fabric. sheesh.

  3. God, so cool! I would totally buy one of these if you ever started producing them to sell.

  4. I dig your blog, so I'm giving you an Honest Scrap award. Which is really just an invitation to tell us more about yourself. Thanks for sharing all your creative finds and your own awesome works of art.

  5. these are absolutely stunning, breathtaking! i really love your works miss cake.. =)

  6. wow. both of the dresses are so so beautiful. i have been thinking about screening on silk lately and these are so inspiring.