"i can't, i have finals."

i've been doing too much work-work and not enough school-work and definitely not enough art-work, so i'm going to have to take a little looking-at-the-internet break until i catch up on all that i want and need to-do. boo-hoo.


  1. OK. We'll wait until you get back.

  2. Yes, we'll be here when you return.

    And, uh, we (I) haven't done anything but surf, stalk, and browse in years. Years.

  3. i had to take one last week to prepare for midterms etc etc., and i have a feeling i'm going to have to break again soon. sigh. the ole internets is not good for the easily distracted...especially when i'm trying to keep up with cool blogs such as this one...

  4. oof.
    If only.
    I would get SO much more done in this lifetime if I had never discovered it.