welcome home!

today has been the first day that it hasn't rained in like 2 weeks, so this morning i took advantage and had a nice bike ride doing errands around town {post office, bank, watching an old man feed pigeons.} then i finally hunkered down and took some pictures of my living room! for some reason they came out a bit blurry and grainy and some are too light and some are too dark, but hey, this isn't the selby!!

this is what it looks like right when you first walk in and a view from the couch. i like seeing alex's giant painting first thing and staring at it when there's nothing good on tv. records, dvds and books are right there for easy perusing.

here's the view from the other side. i did end up getting that couch from urban and i love it, although the eames rocker and rolling ottoman combo might be the most comfortable seat in the house. on the wall is a painting by chris duncan, a traditional dutch house created out of letterpress dingbats, my log lady print, and an early katie henry sewn drawing. i found the trunk and the end table together on the street in like 2002 and it was a real pain getting them both home at the same time!

in this picture you can see my real working fireplace, my desk area and the dining room/sewing/ironing/typewriter table.

here is my royal cursive typewriter, singer sewing machine {that i also got off the street!} and my new african violet that hopefully i won't kill.

here's a little candelabra {that i think was katie henry's??} and two paintings that alex made me for my birthday in like 2004. i think that they all look nice together.

my fireplace! this mantel has been a godsend in terms of displaying things. up top is a really old singer that used to belong to mike fleming's grandmother, a bronzed baby shoe lamp and my 45 collection. the rest includes french salt shakers from the '40s, my marcel dzama sad ghost, cris's swamp man figurine, porcelain dollhouse bathtub, boxes of slides from someones 1950's vacations, a drawing by kris chau, a little white avon owl, a lucky rock, a campari soda bottle that i accidentally bought in berlin thinking it was actual soda, woodcut prints done on roofing tiles, an unfinished diner painting by alex, my favorite tennis racket and more books!

some more art; vintage photographs, a chris duncan print of rilke, a silhouette drawing that reminds me of my grandfather, a marcel dzama drawing, and jim houser painting. over the entrance into the hallway is one of alex's stuffed snakes!

ugly deer has a place of honor over the front door and on the record player speakers sits more of my bronzed baby shoe 'collection' and my stockpile of polaroids.

next to the couch are more books, dancing lee prints, my bunny banks, and my board game collection which includes three different versions of the game 'clue' {not pictured}.

and last but not least, my three trusty companions: a bike named miracle, a turtle named sheldon, and a cat {who thinks he's a dog} named twenty-twenty!


  1. i am insanely jealous of your place.
    its so so so cool.

  2. looks pretty sweet, and like you've been pretty busy.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Very nicely displayed.

    African Violets are tough to grow. I could usually keep them alive, but not once have I ever gotten one to bloom. My grandmother had dozens of them around her house. Always blooming.

  4. ok, WOAW !!!
    you got THE most perfect living room i've seen.
    i mean nothing's missing, the cameras, the typing machine, the sewing machine, the cat with a sailor scarf (!!) waow ! perfection !! i just love your taste !

  5. i forgot the banderole !! how great !!

  6. I'm not sure how old this post is, but I really like your apartment. Especially the 35mm on your bookshelf and the sign that says 'beware of attack tur..' next to your aquarium. Oh and the parking lot pictures from 'somebody else's parking lot' are ever so satisfying. Have a beautiful day.