je suis une âme solitaire.

this is my first time ever living alone and it does seem to have a few perks. such as, you can practice your handstands without bothering anyone. i know that my arms will be sore later, but i used to be pretty good at stuff like this!


  1. oh, my! that is YOU. at first glance i thought you had found an image of someone wearing excellent pants in your favorite shade of blue. but upon closer inspection, i realized that it is the cake herself.
    good pants. good toe pointing. good good good.

  2. I've been practicing my cartwheels with the 2nd grader I'm babysitting (and piano, and math, and reading, and friendship bracelet making, and puzzle solving...)

  3. hank: teen store is a magical place!

    elizabeth: that sounds wonderful {except for the math} also, mom told me that you guys starting building the house! that rules.