fat dog.

there is this doggie day care place around the corner from cris' house and they have a big fenced in back yard area and there are always a few dogs in there hanging out. i like to go over there and watch the dogs because it's funny to just see 10 dogs playing with no humans around. normally when i go over there and start talking to the dogs they all freak out and come over and start barking, but yesterday there was this big fat black lab sitting in a half-full kiddie pool looking extremely nonchalant. and it cracked. me. up. i thought it was funny then, i thought it was funny 3 hours later and i still think that it is so so funny. i'm not quite sure why. today i was inspired to draw the scene so that i can remember this dog forever. i love you fat dog. xo!

{this is probably my stupidest post of all time}


  1. i think this might be your best post of all time.

  2. I think this is one of the more precious things I have read in a long time. I can simply imagine how refreshingly funny this was. See? Even the most simplist and quiet moments in our life are memorable.